Text-based adventure game with a dangerous streak.

5e0f8f03 Port to Ruby. · by Habib Alamin


Dragonslayer is a text-based adventure game with several features:

  • It's an adventure‚Ķ at home
  • Battles - fight with monsters and other NPCs
  • Familiars - animals to help your character carry more items, fight better, travel faster, etc.
  • Load and save games both from in-game and using a command-line argument

This is my first attempt at a serious programming task. I got the idea from exercise 36 in Learn Python the Hard Way [course][book], by Zed Shaw.

You can fork me if you want to take the game in a different direction, but I have a very specific plan for this game, which is intended to teach me the Python programming language, so your changes probably won't be pushed upstream.

The game is incomplete so far.